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You’ve been in an auto accident, and you think you have a case. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. First, you need medical attention, but you also need to contact an experienced automobile accident attorney in San Bernardino County who can help you get the compensation you deserve. A JSM Injury Firm APC Auto Accident Injury Attorney who represents car accident victims is ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

We service all cities in San Bernardino County, including Chino Hills, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, San Bernardino, and the rest. With no upfront costs or fees, you have nothing to lose when you call us.  Contact JSM Injury Firm APC at 949-404-4826 for a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal options.

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Injured in a pedestrian accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, or any other auto accident, which is not your fault? Don't worry, we can help you. We represent clients in San Bernardino County for all auto accidents.

We offer free consultations, a free second opinion and do not charge a fee unless we win your case. Call us at (949)-404-4826 to discuss your legal rights and options with an auto accident attorney at JSM Injury Firm APC.

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Things You Should Do Following an Automobile Accident

If you or a loved one experiences a serious automobile accident in San Bernardino County then remember to do the following four things:


1. Call the Police and Make a Report

If you believe an automobile accident is serious (for example, if someone was injured or killed) then call the police in San Bernardino County. The responding officer will usually create a police report.


2. Make Sure Everyone is OK Following the Accident

If you have any reason to believe someone was injured in the accident, make sure they get to the hospital. Furthermore, make sure you, your passenger(s), and all other people involved are also taken to hospital, so that everyone can be checked for any possible injuries. Generally, police will help coordinate this process by calling paramedics.


3. Gather Evidence Following the Accident

Following the accident, you should gather evidence. First, gather as many names, addresses and phone numbers as possible of witnesses to the accident. Second, get the day, time and location of the accident from a witness. Third, if you've taken photos or video footage of the accident, gather those too. Finally, make sure you turn the photos and footage over to the police so they can get it into evidence.


4. Contact a Lawyer Following the Accident

If you are injured in the accident, consult with an auto accident attorney immediately. Contacting a lawyer is important because they can begin working on your rights and the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in San Bernardino County, California, contact a San Bernardino County Automobile Accident Lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC immediately. As a rule, it is best to consult with a local lawyer, not an attorney from a different city or state. A local automobile accident lawyerwill better understand how the law works in California, and will better assist you.

Hire A San Bernardino County Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer



Insurance companies are in business to make money. That’s it… They make their money by charging as much as possible for insurance premiums, and then paying as few claims as possible. Therefore, if you try to file your claim on your own, the insurance company will fight you every step of the way. They have teams of lawyers working for them, so you need us working for you. 

From the moment you hire the attorney, you do not have to worry about a thing. Also, your attorney will take over all phone calls and negotiations with the insurance companies. Therefore, you avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and waiting months for a low-ball settlement offer or claim denial. In sum, you’ll get the best result possible with an attorney. 

Most people waive their right to sue & accept money from the insurance company in a quick, less-than-desirable settlement. For the most part, this money is gone quickly. Even worse, you can’t go back and get more money. If what you settled for doesn’t pay for all your medical bills, you may have to go into debt to pay them. 

“Your best option is hiring an auto accident injury attorney. A competent San Bernardino County Car Accident Lawyer can protect your future. An attorney knows all the tricks and tactics insurance companies use to try to deny their clients a fair settlement. If you have been in an auto accident, contact JSM Injury Firm APC today for a free consultation with our experienced San Bernardino County Auto Accident Injury Attorney.”

What Kind Of Compensation Can Automobile Accident Injury Victim Can Obtain

There are two main categories of compensation (also called damages) available to an automobile accident injury victim.


Special Damages:

Special damages are economic, compensatory losses resulting from an accident. Evidence like bills, pay stubs, receipts, future cost projections and the like can be used to calculate and assess the value of special damages. Examples of special damages include:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Loss of past Income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Personal care costs
  • Cost of living with a disability
  • Funeral and burial costs associated with the death of a loved one in wrongful death claims.

General Damages:

General damages are non-economic damages that compensate an accident victim for items without a fixed standard value. Examples of intangible losses include the loss of a limb or permanent disability. An auto accident lawyer can you help assess the value of your general damages, which include:

  • physical pain, mental suffering & physical impairment
  • mental suffering & physical impairment
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • disfigurement , inconvenience, grief & anxiety
  • humiliation & emotional distress
  • loss of companionship associated with the death of a loved one in wrongful death claims.

Speak to an Auto Accident Attorney Before Contacting the Insurance Company After an Auto Accident.

It is important not to contact or talk to an insurance company without consulting an auto accident lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC about the facts and circumstances of your car, truck, or other auto accident. Keep in mind, insurers make money by paying less per claim than they. Do not help them by arming them with information harmful to you and your case.  Retaining the services of qualified San Bernardino auto insurance accident attorneys will help you provide only relevant information. Just as important, an attorney can prevent or respond to wrongful denials and low-ball offers from the insurance company.

Moreover, if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you may be entitled to compensation from your own car insurance company. When this happens, the interest of the insurance companies in saving money and your interest in receiving full and fair compensation for your injury may conflict. Therefore, your insurance company will use what it learns about your case against you to reduce the amount of money it will pay you.

To ensure your rights are protected, consult with a San Bernardino Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC can help you communicate with the insurance company to obtain full compensation for what the at-fault driver has done.

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At JSM Injury Firm APC we have dealt well with all kinds of personal injury cases, such as car accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and much more. As the premier San Bernardino County car accident law firm, we are at your side to help you obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other expenses related to your injuries. JSM Injury Firm APC is committed to obtaining the best possible results for clients in a timely manner.


If you or someone you love has suffered an injury as a result of an auto accident, arrange a free consultation or second opinion from us to discuss your legal rights and options. Call (949) 404-4826, use our convenient email contact form or set a consult through our calendar application to tell us of your circumstances.