Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

The short answer is absolutely. To ensure you get the best outcome for your case and maximize compensation, hire an attorney.

You get paid more!

A big reason people decide against hiring an attorney is how much they think they will have to pay or “give up” to the attorney. People feel like an attorney will cost them more than it is worth. However, this could not be farther from the truth. You will net more money in your pocket with an attorney than without. According to Nolo, an online platform that helps people handle simple legal matters, you will receive three times as much compensation with an attorney as without, on average.

In general, you are simply much more likely to receive a payout with an attorney. Moreover, the amount of money you get from that payout will be larger with an attorney. This is because an attorney knows, for example, that the first offer is not the best offer. Even more, an attorney knows what arguments, strategies, and tactics to use when negotiating a low offer into a high settlement. Keep in mind, a personal injury attorney deals with insurance companies daily, whereas you do not.  

An attorney lets the responsible party and their insurance company know you are serious. If the insurance company fails to offer an acceptable settlement, an attorney can sue the responsible party and take them to court. The prospect of litigation is often enough for the insurance company to settle a case. 

Personal injury can be a lengthy and complicated process.

Sometimes, in a personal injury claim, people try to handle matters themselves without an attorney. Handling the claim without an attorney can end up being harmful for you. These cases require a thorough understanding of the law and technicalities. Here are three primary reasons why you need an attorney: 

  1. Prevention of errors. When seeking compensation from an injury claim, you need to get your facts right. An experienced personal injury attorney will always help you with the expertise to put together the vital details with supporting evidence to make your claims as strong as possible. 
  2. Settlements. Many injury claims use a settlement negotiation instead of trial to resolve the claim. A qualified personal injury lawyer will get you the best possible settlement because they bring better negotiation skills to the table. See above for a discussion on how you make more money by hiring an attorney. 
  3. Protection of legal interests. Any injury can cause significant pain, suffering and trauma, which may cause you to misjudge some essential facts in your claim. An attorney can provide an objective perspective, thereby helping protect your interests. 


Most people do not know the “right” way to handle a personal injury claim. The personal injury process is not taught in school. This insufficient information often leads to issues and reduces the value of the claim. 

To make matters worse, the insurance companies are not on your side. These companies are generally large publicly traded companies that legally have to prioritize shareholder profits over anything else. They will use your lack of information to benefit their bottom line. This includes making low-ball offers to settle or outright denying legitimate claims in hopes you will not pursue it. An attorney that focuses only on personal injury cases can help bridge the information gap to protect your interests and maximize your case value. 

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At the end of the day, you will get a much better result with an Orange County personal injury attorney like JSM Injury Firm by your side. You will get more compensation, and you will have someone to lean on when the process gets complicated.

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