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Most dogs are friendly and cohabitate with humans without any issues.  However, any dog may suffer from a momentary lapse of judgment which results in biting a person. The Canine Control Board estimates there are over five million dog bites per year in the United States with 4.5 million of those occurring to children under the age of 14. About one third of all bites require medical attention and 20 percent require reconstructive surgery.

An Orange County dog bite attorney can assist victims or families of victims after an incident has occurred and help explain the legal process to those who are injured. An attorney will also provide information on the relevant laws in California regarding pet bites so that affected individuals may alter their plans as necessary. A lawyer specializing in these cases is knowledgeable about injury claims and medical bills that occur as a result of dog bites, particularly in the case of children who incur emotional trauma following an attack.

The law on pets is complex and specific to each situation. California’s civil code prohibits anyone from harboring any animal which has been declared vicious, meaning it has bitten or attacked a person or killed another animal without cause. This law also applies if the dog is used as a guard or protection for illegal activities like drug manufacturing. A California dog bite lawyer from JSM Injury Firm APC can guide victims through this process to pursue compensation and work toward preventing any future attacks from happening.

Things You Should Do Following a Dog Bite Injury

After an encounter with a dog, the first priority should be reaching safety. A bystander can help keep the person from running away so they are not bit again. Next, seek immediate medical attention and contact your insurance carrier immediately to report the incident.

Consider photographing or recording what took place using a cell phone camera if it is safe to do so. Witnesses should identify themselves and their contact information in case the victim needs additional help later on.

Scientific journals have been able to link aggressive behavior in dogs with certain behavioral traits, though many animal experts maintain that environment plays a larger role. The American Veterinary Medical Association released a study which revealed fatal dog attacks only made up four percent of dog related fatalities. The study did not include other attacks which cause injury, especially those resulting in serious injuries such as broken bones or disfigurement.

How to Win a Dog Bite Injury Case

For those who want to pursue a dog bite injury claim against the owner of the dog, there are several options for doing so depending on various factors. It is important that all evidence in regard to the incident be documented and kept safe in order to win against the other party.

The most prominent type of case involving a dog attack is when a victim is bitten by a dog. Victims can pursue damages from the owner for medical costs, pain and suffering or loss of income through a personal injury law suit in court.

If you are looking for more information on how to win a dog bite case, contact JSM Injury Firm APC today. The attorney will help you every step of the way in order to ensure that your case is presented in the best possible light. The firm offers a free consultation for those who request one, so you can speak with an Orange County dog bite attorney today.


Dog Bites and Injuries

A dog bite victim should seek medical attention immediately after an attack because of the possibility of infection. A doctor will assess the wound and determine whether a tetanus shot is necessary, though it is important to note that most children who are bitten receive this vaccine as part of the school system immunization schedule.                             

Doctors will also determine if any treatment options are available such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications. In cases where a victim requires reconstructive surgery, an Orange County dog bite lawyer may be able to help with the cost of medical bills as most insurance policies cover the cost of reconstructive surgery in cases where the injury was caused by a dog bite.

Dog bites come in all shapes and sizes from cuts to punctures to severe or fatal attacks. The victim’s injuries depend on how the dog behaves, the size of the dog and the strength of the victim’s reaction. Some victims can die from dog bites, even if proper medical attention is administered immediately after an attack takes place.

After a serious dog bite injury, contact a lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing compensation and preventing further injuries or incidents from taking place in the future. A California dog bite attorney is available 24 hours a day to help with this process.

Contact a Top-Rated Orange County Dog Bite Law Firm

JSM Injury Firm APC is a popular injury law firm in California which specializes in representing victims of dog attacks, including children who have been injured by the family pet. The attorney will investigate the situation and work toward helping the victim receive full compensation for all medical costs incurred as well as payment for pain and suffering. If a dog bite injury claim is pursued in court, the attorney will assist with all aspects of preparation to establish a strong case against the dog’s owner. Compensation obtained from this type of law suit can be used to cover lost wages if an individual was unable to work because of their injuries or it may pay for future medical treatments.

Residents of Orange County who have been attacked by a dog should contact JSM Injury Firm APC immediately. A dog bite lawyer will assist with the entire process and ensure that the victim is able to focus on their recovery instead of worrying about whether they can afford to pay for their medical treatment or if they need to take time off from work.

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