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A burn injury can be one of the most traumatizing experiences. These severe injuries can lead to costly medical expenses, lifelong chronic pain, and disfigurement. You need a burn injury lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC, who has the knowledge and expertise about burn injuries to help you get fair compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim. Call us at (949) 404-4826 or schedule a free consult here.

What Are Burn Injuries?

A burn injury is trauma that comes from exposure to extreme heat, which leads to destruction of skin tissue and other serious consequences. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the three most common types of burn injuries are first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns. Regardless of the severity of the burn, consult a burn injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

What Are First-Degree Burns?

First-degree burns can lead to red or pink skin, which is sensitive to touch and pain. The burned area may be swollen, but blisters are unlikely. In most cases, the deeper layers of your skin remain intact while the outer layer of the skin is destroyed. First-degree burns may need medical attention to prevent infection or scarring, but they can usually heal on their own with moisturizing lotions or prescribed medications for pain relief.

What Are Second-Degree Burns?

Second-degree burns go through the top layer of your skin (the epidermis) into the lower layers of your skin (the dermis). This type of burn typically results from contact with steam, hot liquids, chemicals, electricity or radiation. Symptoms of a second-degree burn include blisters, red or pink skin sensitive to touch and pain. The area around the actual burned tissue may be swollen and painful. If open blisters are present, you should seek immediate medical attention from a burn center or your family doctor to prevent infection, scarring, and disfigurement.

What Are Third-Degree Burns?

Third-degree burns destroy all layers of your skin (the dermis) through the fat layer underneath your skin (the subcutaneous). Contact with flames, explosions, electricity, acids, alkali solutions, or steam, cause these types of burns. These third-degree burns cause red or pink skin that appears dry and leathery. The burned tissue may be swollen and painful, and blisters usually develop with these burns. Anyone with this type of burn must go to a hospital. Advanced treatments at a hospital, including occlusive dressings, antibiotics, painkillers, and skin grafting, can help prevent infection and scarring.

Burns: What Happens to the Body?

Exposure to extreme heat or fire causes burns. During the process of burning, intense shock waves saturate your bloodstream with toxins including carbon dioxide (CO2), lactic acid (LA), ammonia (NH3), and nitrogen (N2). When your body’s temperature begins to rise from exposure to heat, a process of damage control immediately takes place to stop the burning process.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

Several factors cause burn injuries, including chemicals, electricity, radiation, steam or hot liquids that come into contact with human skin at extreme temperatures.

Burn Injuries and the Body: What Happens?

Burn injuries are extremely dangerous and can cause major complications if they aren’t treated immediately. Generally, you should take all burn injuries seriously. However, the severity of the burn dictates the treatment process. Depending on the type of burn suffered, you may need to consult with a physician or seek further medical attention from a burn center. Furthermore, it takes injured tissue in your body time to cool down after it’s exposed to extreme heat, smoke, steam or chemicals. For this reason, it is important to never remove clothes from a burn victim, as the skin could be burned.

How JSM Injury Firm APC Can Help Victims of Burn Injuries.

JSM Injury Firm APC is a personal injury firm with experience in dealing with serious burn injuries. We help clients seek compensation for their pain and suffering. When you or someone you love suffers from a burn injury, it’s important to contact a burn injury lawyer as soon as possible to speak about your case. We represent clients throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura, San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth, Century City, Canoga Park, Burbank, Pasadena, Anaheim, West Covina, Riverside, Bakersfield, Fresno, Valencia, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento and the Bay Area, as well as most other counties in Southern California and Northern California.

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