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If you or your loved one have been injured in a dog attack or incident, contact a dog bite injuries lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC. We handle personal injury cases arising from dog bites, such as torn skin, nerve damage, and even wrongful death lawsuits. Schedule a free consult here to discuss your case with the experienced personal injury attorney at no cost to you.

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The Facts About Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites are a serious issue in our society and can lead to traumatic injuries. In one study performed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), dogs bite 4.7 million people each year in the United States, and approximately 800,000 of those incidents required medical attention.

The American Veterinary Medical Association sets forth the following facts:

  • Almost 1 in 5 people bitten by dogs require medical attention.
  • Children are the most common victims of dog bites, and are far more likely to be injured.
  • Most dog bites affecting young children occur during everyday activities and while interacting with familiar dogs.


It is important to remember that the breed of the dog alone does not determine whether the dog will bite. Even the nicest seeming dog can cause serious damage if the dog is provoked or has a troubled history.

Who is Responsible For a Dog Bite Injury in California

If you or someone you know has been injured by a dog or other animal in a public place or while lawfully in a private place, then the owner of the animal will be liable for the injuries that flow from the attack. Often, the owner is strictly liable to you for a dog bite. This means the owner must compensate you even if the dog had never bitten anyone before, or the owner had no reason to know that the dog was aggressive by nature.

A landlord may also be liable for injuries caused by a tenant’s dog. California’s law is strict on this issue and only provides liability to a landlord who actually knows about the dog on the property and is prone to aggressive behavior. Landlord liability for dog bite on his/her land is a nuanced area of law that requires a case-by-case analysis.

How A Dog Bite Attorney at JSM Injury Firm Can Help Victims of Dog Attacks and Bite Injuries

Whether it is a dog bite at a friend’s birthday party, an unprovoked assault at a dog beach, or a fatal attack upon a child at a daycare, you need an experienced dog bite injuries lawyer to ensure you are compensated for your medical costs and suffering.

If you suffered a dog attack/bite injury, you may recover financial compensation for your injuries, including:

  1. Past and future medical costs;
  2. Past and future pain and suffering (e.g. emotional distress, disfigurement, permanent disability, and loss of enjoyment of life);
  3. Lost wages (i.e. past income);
  4. Loss of earning capacity (i.e. future ability to earn);
  5. Loss of spousal relations; and
  6. In some cases, punitive damages are also available. Punitive damages are not meant to compensate the victim, rather to punish the culprit so that the wrongful conduct is not repeated.

Dog attacks are traumatic and often lead to permanent disability. Speak with an experienced dog bite lawyer at JSM Injury Firm APC immediately following any incident involving an animal attack to ensure you receive full and just compensation for all damages caused by the attack, including medical expenses and long-term rehabilitation costs.

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